JohnIce.fwCurrently, the North Star Ice team
is made up of 20 employees working  in the London, Ontario facility where they can produce 135 tons of ice per day and service a 75 mile radius of the city of London with a fleet of 16 vehicles.

At age 88+, Ross is at the office every day, guiding the operations. His keen knowledge of the ice industry keeps North Star Ice at the top of its game. Just the other day, Ross noted that in 2018, the Smibert family will have been in business in the London area for 200 years. Another reason to celebrate! Over the years, Ross has searched for a catchy slogan for North Star Ice. The industry has used "Have an ice day!" and "It's the clink that makes the drink!" He came up with his own slogan which the company uses today, "Clear and solid, like a diamond!" - fitting for a Turbo C Line  product.

North Star Ice is proud to belong to the Canadian Association of Ice Industries (CAII) and the International Packaged Ice Industry (IPIA).
At this time, John Smibert   is honoured to be president of the CAII and chairman of the IPIA. He strongly feels the packaged ice industry  has been good to his family and that time spent working with other industry members to advance the projects of these associations can only strengthen them and in so doing, strengthen the packaged ice industry. He  encourages all non-member ice companies to join a regional association and the IPIA to help support the industry and to work together with other industry members to ensure the packaged ice industry's  future.



North Star Ice pledges to provide quality products while maintaining excellence in customer service.
North Star Ice values long term commitments to both customers and suppliers,and has pledged to uphold a high standard of integrity.

More About North Star Ice

We service:
Grocery Stores
Convenience Stores
as Stations
pecial Events

We have a REGULAR ROUTE SYSTEM and SAME DAY DELIVERY when called in before 12:00 noon.

We are a TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) registered facility and have an IPIA  (International Packaged Ice Association) Food Safety Plan (Packaged Ice Quality Control System)  

Which Includes:

    A Recall Plan
    A Pest Control Plan with Orkin Canada
    Finished Product Testing monthly by SGS Labs, London
    Water Source Testing quarterly through London’s Municipal Water Supply
    Equipment Maintenance, Cleaning and Sanitizing Schedules daily, weekly, and monthly
    Daily and Monthly Inspections of Equipment and Vehicles
    Third Party Audits by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), done annually and kept on file
    SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure) Plant Performance Records
    Letters of Contact Surface Compliance from Supplier Manufacturers
    Liability Insurance
    HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) Plan forms 1-10
    Corrective Actions Records
    Monitored Security Alarms for doors, motion sensors, smoke and electricity
    Customer Complaints Record


IPIA PIQCS Inspection Award
2016 02 23 1038

With the implementation of ASI Food Safety as the IPIA PIQCS auditing firm there is no question the end result of a higher standard and more consistent inspection criteria has evolved. Much to the benefit of our members, this type of move and the ongoing attention and concern the IPIA is giving to product quality and GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices) will lead our members to the end result we all know wi II eventually catch up with the Packaged Ice Industry, HACCP.

"Don't be afraid", in fact welcome it. Ask yourself
Brent Bonvarlez this question, am I a better operator of my facility
since PIQCS? From personal experience I can say there is no question our company is operating facilities at a new level of GMP's than pre PIQCS. I'm not suggesting that our members were operating unsafe or poorly maintained facilities but the fact that we actually measure ourselves via PIQCS accreditation has raised the bar on how we operate and maintain our facilities. This has naturally created a higher level of product qualit.

"Do not hide your head in the sand" Over the past few months I have been able to tour the facilities of food processors that are purchasing ice as an additive to their end product. These facilities are HACCP certified facilities and as such, require the same of their suppliers. The fact that we have PIQCS accreditation has vaulted our company above the competition but only the fact that we are pursuing HACCP certification allows us to maintain the account. More and more this word creeps into our every day vocabulary.

Think back 10 years, not only was the word not mentioned, chances are you did not know what it meant. Our customers understand it, oh yes, you are right the "Mom & Pop" stores probably do not have a concern but they are the same customer that will fly to a competitor for a five cent per bag saving without giving the proper concern for the product they sell. I'm talking about the customers that buy the majority of our product i.e. large commercial accounts, corporate grocery, convenience and petroleum accounts. These buyers not only understand it; they will eventu­ally demand it and yes, they are prepared to pay for the security of purchasing a packaged ice from a HACCP certified facility. The fact that as an IPIA member you have already had your facility PI.QCS accredited will make the next step of HACCP certification that much easier.

As of June 1, 2003 the IPIA has delivered 110 PIQCS accreditation certificates leaving many of our members still attempting to be certified by June 30, 2003. If you are having issues please be proactive and contact either Jane or myself to discuss the situation. The PIQCS committee would also like to congratulate North Star Ice Company of London. Ontario. Canada for achieving a 975 out of 1.000 our highest mark thus far. For those of you still awaiting your inspections the bar has been set. Good Luck.

Here is wishing everyone a long, hot, prosperous and safe summer.


North Star Ice, London, Ontario Presented 6th Annual Bill Berkoski Advocacy Award

IMG 2648
The Bill Berkoski Advocacy Award goes annually to the IPIA Member Company that has promoted through their company marketing efforts OR their advocacy efforts to regulatory officials and food safety officials,the IPIA Ice is Food vision for consistent standards and the quality, safe ice products represented by the IPIA logo. 

This year, John Smibert and North Star Ice was the proud and surprised recipient of the award. John has and continues to be a fierce and dedicated advocate for consistent sanitation regulations in the mold of PIQCS for the packaged ice industry in Canada. He has met with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in Ottawa, and communicated via letters and emails with the CFIA, local health officials and retailers promoting the value of PIQCS and why it is important for the safety of the consuming public. John attends CFIA meetings on the Safe Food Canada Act and step by step makes his point by talking to people about 'Ice is a Food'. 10 years ago John spent considerable time working with the CFIA in developing a model HACCP program for packaged ice in Canada. 

Although, the plan was not formally finalized and implemented, it raised awareness in Canada packaged ice manufacturing safety. John has been the feet on the ground advocate of the IPIA and CAII efforts for fair and consistent standards for packaged ice manufacturing in Canada for years. His attention to detail is remarkable. John and North Star Ice has been a long time member of the IPIA. He has served as Chairman of the Board and as President of the Canadian Association of Ice Industries for years and is still currently. He promotes the association and proudly displays the IPIA logo on packaging and his delivery vehicles. And in the past year, through his efforts a website was developed for the CAIL.

Supplier of the Year Award London Korean Business Association 2013, 2015

IMG 2644

The London Korean Business Association Supplier of the Year Award presented to Jeff Conway, North Star Ice Account Manager.

The Canada Korea Business Association (CKBA) was established by a proactive group of business people from Canada and Korea with the vision and foresight to realize the importance of relations between the two countries.

Their membership is drawn from a diverse group of individuals, businesses and organizations, including: globally recognized Korean brands; Canadian companies both large and small; service organizations involved in banking, finance, law, information technology and training; as well as educational and cultural organizations.

CKBA’s mission is to enable individuals and business organizations in Canada and Korea to forge trade, commerce, investment and
partnerships through advocacy, information/resource sharing and networking opportunities.

North Star Ice - In The News

PC leader Patrick Brown makes election-style stop at London ice plant

By Jane Sims, The London Free Press


North Star Ice accounts manager Jeff Conway shows Ontario Progressive Conservative leader around the London plant. Brown was in London Saturday on a campaign-style stop to talk about soaring electricity rates. (JANE SIMS, The London Free Press)

Expect to see a lot more of Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown in London.

Riding high in the polls and with a provincial election on the horizon in 2018, Brown was in the Forest City Saturday on a campaign-style stop at a local business.

Flanked by local PC MPPs Jeff Yurek (Elgin-Middlesex-London) and Ernie Hardeman (Oxford), Brown was at North Star Ice, a London business institution since 1954, owned by 89-year-old Ross Smibert.

Brown also took in the London Knights game Friday night.

And he said the issue that came up most often was soaring electricity rates under Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government.

It could be the issue that helps Brown break through in urban Ontario, where the PCs stalled out in the election of 2014 after practically sweeping rural southern Ontario.

In the London area, seven of 10 seats outside the city went to the PCs.

Earlier this month, a Mainstreet poll put Brown in majority territory, though the Toronto area still leans Liberal.

If the election were held today, the PCs would lead the way at 39 per cent, followed by the Liberals at 29 per cent and New Democrats at 27 per cent.

The differences are stark in Southwestern Ontario, where the PCs lead with 39 per cent, followed by the NDP at 37 per cent. Wynne’s Liberals trail with 19 per cent support.

“I think Kathleen Wynne has done something unique,” Brown said. “She’s united rural and urban Ontario against this government.”

It also means Brown sees some local ridings ripe for the picking, especially over the electricity issue, a file Brown says the Liberals have bungled.

“I’m very optimistic for the gains that the party can make in London. Whether you live in London or in Woodstock, you’re just as infuriated by hydro,” he said.

He cited Smibert’s business as a good example. North Star Ice produces 25,000 bags of ice a day.

Its electricity costs have ballooned in two years, mostly because of “global adjustments to subsidize competition in Michigan,” Brown said.

In 2014, North Star Ice paid $182,000 in electricity costs. In 2016, it paid $283,000.

“This incredible business from sheer hard work since 1954 doesn’t deserve to be set back because of a provincial government that has messed up hydro rates,” Brown said.

His plan, he said, is to stop the “fire sale” of Hydro One and the Green Energy Act that is financially draining Ontario.

“When you see those wind turbines across Southwestern Ontario, it’s infuriating to know that not only do we not need it, but we have to give it away to his competition,” he said.





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